One Van. Many Possibilities.

There’s nothing that we enjoy more than bringing the vision you have for your van to life- and the beauty of it is, there are so many different things you can do.

If we had to choose the things we love most about what we do- conversions are quite high up there. Let’s get started.


Of the many, many great things we love about the Transporter, we’ve discovered from projects over the years that they make terrific camper vans. Unlike your standard van, converting a Transporter means it still keeps its wonderful style- it doesn’t look like a camper from the outside, but inside is your own little empire with many great adventures lying ahead.

We offer a completely bespoke service- which is why we don’t offer set price packages. After all, no two builds are the same. Here’s a taste of some of the things we can do.

Leatherworks and Seating

Travel with friends and family in luxury and style with our bespoke leather seating installation and design- you tell us what you want, and we make it. All for the great price of £1800 including VAT.


Make your van your own with our wicked range of custom mods. Whether it’s full-blown kits to items such as lights or alloys, the only thing you need is a few quid and a vision of how she should look.


Stand out from the crowd with our custom styling service. We offer a huge range of options and services to help you make your van suited to your style.

All work we do is done to the highest standard possible- because great style should never be compromised, right?

Paint & Bodywork

Give your van a totally new look with our limitless range of Paint and Bodywork options, whether you want smoothing and colour coding of factory grey bumper to full body kits and custom colour changes.

The thing with conversions and modifications is there’s no two identical jobs- and this is just a taste of the endless possibilities. Give our team a call today to find out more on 01258 577016.