About Us

T6.1 Alumin Two Tone 117 (large) - Van Haven Limited Guw Black T6.1 51 (large) - Van Haven Limited

It’s no secret, VW Transporters are our passion. T6.1 Luxury Vans, Sports Vans and Campervans, LWB or SWB – doesn’t matter, Volkswagen Transporters are what we’re About.

The life goal is to do something you love for a living. So we thought, ‘imagine if there was somewhere you could kit out a VW Transporter to a premium level as standard’. Oooo, yes. ‘…then have endless options to personalise it.’ Double yes. ‘…and have it done to such a high level that you know you’re driving the highest quality van bar none.’ Hell yes!

And so Van Haven, VW Transporter Specialist was born.

With premium as standard on everything we do and where all things Transporter are possible, we’re intensely proud to be the South’s number 1 new and used VW Transporter specialist.

Stylised shot of blue van in a dark workshop - Van Haven Limited