The Van Haven life.

We’re a haven for great Vans - we’re Van Haven.

You could say we’re a bit obsessed with the VW Transporter – they’re not just a job, they’re part of our lives. When we’re not working on them, we’re taking ours on adventures, or hanging out on the various T5/T6 forums.

The Transporter has never been a typical van, it’s always been special. I think that’s why they hold their value so well. It’s an emotive thing that you can’t sum up in words. Sure, a Transit can be converted or modified, but it’ll still be a Transit! Transporters on the other hand have this unique flair and no two are alike. We customise every Haven Van to match the needs and personality of the owner.

Whether you’re after one of our new Haven H6 special editions, or a previously loved T5/T6, we’ll make it truly reflect your personality. Our team are some of the most knowledgeable in the industry, with the passion and enthusiasm to match.

Having been in this game for years, we’re able to get top vans at a decent price, and we’re sure you won’t leave our HQ disappointed, but with the keys to a unique van and great customer service too.

Think of us as everything you need in one place, from repairs and mods, to finance and new/used van sales.

Sounds good? Come and see us and find out for yourself.