At Van Haven, we don’t want you to have to compromise on your dream van spec, which is why we offer three types of van finance – hire purchase, lease purchase, and 10 Year Finance.

Discover more about these options below, or get in touch with the Van Haven team to talk through the different options we have available.

Hire Purchase (HP)

Hire Purchase is simply funding for the entirety of the van, minus any deposit that you may wish to put down. This will of course influence your monthly payment – the larger a deposit you put down, the less your monthly will be.

The balance can be paid off in anywhere between 12 and 60 months. There is no balloon payment at the end of the agreement, you will own the vehicle outright.

Lease Purchase

Lease purchase is very similar to a Hire Purchase, the main difference being that there will be a final or ‘balloon’ payment at the end.

Once all payments have been made at the end of the agreement (including the final balloon payment) you will own the vehicle outright.

10 Year Finance – Lifestyle Vehicles

On lifestyle vehicles, such as camper vans, you can take out 10 Year Hire Purchase agreements. This means you can fund the entirety of the van purchase over 10 years, minus any deposits you put down.

The higher the deposit placed down, the lower the monthly payment.

One advantage of this method is that your monthly payment will be lesser due to the duration of the agreement.



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Van Finance FAQs

Here are some questions we are often asked by people enquiring about van finance.

What is the cheapest way to finance a van?

This all comes down to your personal situation, please make contact with the team to discuss in more detail.


Can I apply for finance/lease through my business?

Yes, the majority of the vans we build are finance or leased for business purposes.


I have part exchange with finance outstanding, can I still apply for finance?

Yes no problem, we can settle the finance and use any equity as deposit.


What if my car is in negative equity, can I still apply?

Yes, we have a number of ways to help in this situation. It is not uncommon.


What is the best way to apply for finance?

Send us an email or phone us, this way you have direct access to a member of the team with specialist knowledge.


Is van finance tax deductible?

Yes, sole traders can claim van finance on their tax return.


Can you finance a van conversion?

Yes, our van finance covers the whole cost of the van, including the conversion.


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