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Bespoke Volkswagen T6.1 Transporter - The Perfect Van for Plumbers! 

The Volkswagen T6.1 Transporter is the perfect vehicle for plumbers looking for a reliable, durable fleet that will stand out from the competition for your company. 

Here at Van Haven we understand that as a plumber, you need a van that can handle all of your tools and equipment while still being maneuverable in tight spaces. The T6.1 Transporter is the perfect solution, with a spacious cargo area and a compact design that can handle any job. That’s why we offer a range of customisation options to ensure that your workhorse is tailored to your specific requirements for both work and weekend activities. From shelving and storage solutions to custom graphics and branding, we can help you create a van that reflects your business and meets your practical needs.

the perfect multipurpose vehicle


Whether you’re a solo trader or operate a fleet with our range of interior and exterior options conversions, you can create a van that truly reflects your brand and personality when seen out on the roads.


What sets us apart from other conversion companies is our personal commitment to customer satisfaction. We are small friendly team that offer a concierge service throughout the entire process to ensure that your build meets all of your needs and exceeds your expectations.

Your dedicated Bespoke Vehicle Design Specialist will always available to answer questions and provide support, even after your conversion is complete.

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 If you’re a plumber looking for a reliable, durable, and customisable van for your company, look no further, contact us today to speak to one of our Bespoke Vehicle Design Specialists and learn more about our conversion options.



Van Finance FAQs

Here are some questions we are often asked by people enquiring about van finance.

What is the cheapest way to finance a van?

This all comes down to your personal situation, please make contact with the team to discuss in more detail.


Can I apply for finance/lease through my business?

Yes, the majority of the vans we build are finance or leased for business purposes.


I have part exchange with finance outstanding, can I still apply for finance?

Yes no problem, we can settle the finance and use any equity as deposit.


What if my car is in negative equity, can I still apply?

Yes, we have a number of ways to help in this situation. It is not uncommon.


What is the best way to apply for finance?

Send us an email or phone us, this way you have direct access to a member of the team with specialist knowledge.


Is van finance tax deductible?

Yes, sole traders can claim van finance on their tax return.


Can you finance a van conversion?

Yes, our van finance covers the whole cost of the van, including the conversion.