Where The Magic Happens.

The workshop is where all the Vanhaven magic happens. It’s our playground and we invite you to bring your van along to play. We offer a full range of servicing and diagnostics, and our specialist team will give you and your van the VIP Treatment. Here’s the sort of things we do.


There’s literally nothing more irritating than breaking down half way through a journey, or having problems when you can afford it least. A well serviced Van can keep the potential of those problems to a minimum. It can also save you money in the long run and by having regular services, if there are potential problems looming, they can be identified and sorted before it fully goes wrong.

Not forgetting of course, a van that’s got a history of regular, full servicing also keeps its value better should you decide to sell.


Having a Van with badly maintained brakes not only runs the risk of running into problems if caught by the police, it can also be extremely dangerous to you, your passengers and other users of the road. You should never take risks with brakes and it’s always best to get them looked after by qualified and experienced people who know their stuff- such as us!

  • Does it judder when applied?
  • Is there a grinding noise when braking or driving along?
  • Does the pedal feel hard or is it high?
  • Are the rear brakes locking when you brake?
  • Is there a squealing or grinding noise?
  • Does it pull to one side when you brake?
  • Is there a loss of efficiency when you brake heavily?


Is there a new light on your dashboard greeting you when you start it up that you want to go away? Is something not right?

We can diagnose most problems- all vans these days have computers and we have the tools to talk to the computers as well as the people who know what’s what. That new light on your dashboard indicates that something is working outside of the manufacturer’s parameters- common ones include engine, ABS, Anti-Slip to name a few.

For more information on the diagnostics we offer give us a call on 01258 577016 or drop us an email to contact@vanhaven.co.uk


Your van’s suspension is vital to your safety.

Worn shock absorbers are not only annoying and uncomfortable when driving, but they can also affect the handling and safety of your van and worn suspension components can cause a really irritating knocking noise.


The last thing you want is to discover out of the blue that your battery is dead- it’s always best to keep on top of your battery condition. We offer an extensive range of batteries, and can be fitted while you wait. Even better- the ones we offer have a range of warranties of 3-5 years (depending on the one you buy).

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