Inside the H6 is just as stylish. We might even add, luxurious.

Have the seat configuration you need in gorgeous leather, coupled with nice little touches, such as convenient USB charging ports, speakers in blended pods and a full carpet lining, you could be forgiven for wanting to move in permanently.

But, that’s just the start. At Van Haven, we have lots of ideas to make your transporter van yours. Why not come and see us today or check out the video on this page.

It’s not just a van – it’s a statement of style.

The Haven H6 – there’s nothing like it!

We’re always looking to innovate at Van Haven, and this time, we even surprised ourselves!

We think we’ve created the ultimate transporter, so we’d like to introduce you to the Van Haven H6.

You’ll not find specification or quality like this anywhere else on the market – that’s because it doesn’t exist. Everything about the Haven 6 is bespoke. What’s more, you’re not limited to one set of specs – we’re happy to add or remove items from the base specification to suit your needs.

We’ve made sure that both the interior and exterior are stunning, straight off the bat!

From the bespoke front splitter, alloy wheels and lowered suspension, roof and side bars (available in black or chrome), wind deflectors and custom branding, this is a transporter that will turn heads.