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When you’re making your van your own, you might well be thinking “I fancy giving it a bit of a tuneup”. We know, we do that too.

Of course, there’s plenty of places you can go to get that done, but you want the very best for your van, right? That’s why we offer just that, and here’s what we do.

Here at Vanhaven we are a Pendle Performance Main Agent- and you won’t find that anywhere else in North Dorset.


There are loads of places and people that claim to do tuning, and some might be at a price that’s too good to be true- and sadly, it is. Quite often they use the China KWP 2000+ system. Problem is, it’s a very unstable tool which tends to crash. A download from the internet that locks or kills the ECU. It’s not much fun when it goes wrong and pretty damn expensive to fix.

The cheaper it is, often the more corners are cut. Some people offering this service aren’t insured so if it goes wrong, you’re on your own. We’ve been doing this for years- and probably still will when many of the KWP 2000+ gang have moved along.

What use is a cheap tune up if it breaks the van?

Pendle Performance are a registered business and only the best is good enough. We’re dead serious about what we do, so if it wasn’t, quite simply we wouldn’t use it. If you don’t just want to take our word for it- have a look on Google, read through the car forums. There’s tons of great feedback.

By the way- we can also remove and delete the DPF system from your vehicle.


We’re also quite good at hunting down great performance tuning products for your Van. So if a new performance exhaust, or a de-cat is your thing, we can get you a great new one from the likes of Milltek. For Intercoolers and Turbos we do Forge and Turbonetics. Once that’s all fitted, we then fit your car with a custom map written by Martin at Pendle HQ.

Though, if you’re looking for something more tailored- don’t think we can’t do it. We’re the pros. We can.

We might not be as cheap as some out there – but we’re pretty damn sure you won’t find better. It’s worth it, right?

Pre 2010 Volkswagen Transporter £275 + VAT

2010 onwards Volkswagen Transporter £375 + VAT


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