Introducing the New

Haven 6

Inside the H6 is just as stylish. We might even add, luxurious.

Have the seat configuration you need in gorgeous leather, coupled with nice little touches, such as convenient USB charging ports, speakers in blended pods and a full carpet lining, you could be forgiven for wanting to move in permanently.

But, that’s just the start. At Van Haven, we have lots of ideas to make your transporter van yours. Why not come and see us today or check out the video on this page.

It’s not just a van – it’s a statement of style.

The Haven H6 – there’s nothing like it!

We’re always looking to innovate at Van Haven, and this time, we even surprised ourselves!

We think we’ve created the ultimate transporter, so we’d like to introduce you to the Van Haven H6.

You’ll not find specification or quality like this anywhere else on the market – that’s because it doesn’t exist. Everything about the Haven 6 is bespoke. What’s more, you’re not limited to one set of specs – we’re happy to add or remove items from the base specification to suit your needs.

We’ve made sure that both the interior and exterior are stunning, straight off the bat!

From the bespoke front splitter, alloy wheels and lowered suspension, roof and side bars (available in black or chrome), wind deflectors and custom branding, this is a transporter that will turn heads.


The new Haven six edition

Bespoke haven six front splitter

Designed to improve the performance of your H6, increasing aerodynamic properties of your vehicle – and also, it’s looks!

Led headlights

LED Headlights are just, well, LED headlights, aren’t they? Not so. Ours are specifically engineered to increase safety and vision in all conditions.

Led bumper drl lights

The Van Haven 6 is an eye-catching vehicle, and no mistake but we just had to make sure everybody could see you by including these energy-efficient DRL lights.

Black optics

Gloss black, upper grill, gloss black middle grills, gloss black lower bumper grills, gloss black wing mirror bases

alloy wheels

18 or 20 inch alloy wheels choice of different options available.

Lowered Suspension

Lowered 50mm on premium haven 6 springs (or coilover option)

Chrome or black side bars

Add Style to the side of your vehicle with our gorgeously shiny black or chrome sidebars.

Chrome or black roof bars

Increase the versatility, practicality and style of your new transporter by having a set of our roof bars fitted. Custom design ensures a flawless but eye-catching look. Now, where’s that surf board?

Wind deflectors

The British weather can be unpredictable but, sometimes, you just need the fresh air. Protect yourself from the elements with these classy wind deflectors.

Haven 6 bespoke rear spoiler

What can we say about a rear spoiler? Ok, we’ll just say that it works, looks great and, oh yes, we designed this too!

Bespoke haven 6 branding

Adds a stylish finishing touch to your vehicle.

Kombi Seating

Have the seating your way. Limitless combinations to suit your needs. All expertly fitted and finished by our experts.

Full bespoke leather interior

Choice of colours available

Fully carpet lined throughout

Adding a touch of luxury to your H6, we give you the ultimate car space. Gorgeous, yet hardwearing, we guarantee that you and your passengers will delight in sitting in this cocoon of loveliness

Fully insulated

Using foil bubble foil and dacron insulation

Led roof and touch tailgate lights

Interior lighting in cars and vans used to be so… boring! So, we’ve given it a facelift by providing lights you’ll want to look at.

Rear speakers in blended pods

Love your multimedia as well as your mods? You’re going to love how these speakers sit snugly and unobtrusively in their pods. But wait until you hear what they sound like!

4x usb charge points in rear

Backlit to look great, these four points will keep everybody happy on the longest of journeys. iPads, Kindles, phones and other gadgets are easily connected to keep, well, the tech generation connected!

Van haven floor matts

Forgive us for a little self-indulgence, but we’re so proud of our latest creation, we wanted to help you to keep it clean.